Kamvan Industries Blog http://www.kamvanindustries.co.in/blog/ Latest Products Sat, 18 May 2024 18:26:39 +0530 en-us http://www.kamvanindustries.co.in Mustard Oil: A Time-Tested Condiment In Indian Homes http://www.kamvanindustries.co.in/blog/mustard-oil-a-time-tested-condiment-in-indian-homes_11990.htm Wed, 15 Dec 2021 13:01:34 +0530 There are many facts about this commonly used edible oil in Indian homes. It is an essential part of Indian cuisine. The use of mustard oil can be mostly seen in the kitchens of eastern, central, and north Indian states of India. The major states where this oil is used in mostly used are Odisha, Bihar, West Bengal, Tripura, Assam, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh. Maharashtra, Chattisgarh, and many more to count. From being a flavoring agent it has been also regarded as a medicine in many homes. In this article, let us find out the benefits of using mustard oil.     Cooking and Preservative: As discussed, it is the backbone of many Indian kitchens; most Indian curries are prepared with mustard oil. The distinct pungent flavor elevates the taste to the next level.  During pickle preparation, mustard oil I mainly added to extend the product life of the ingredients.  Medicinal uses Mustard oil when heated with garlic becomes an effective remedy to relieve cold during winters. It is used to massage babies in many Indian homes to provide strength to bones and shine on their skin. Nutrition to Hair: Mustard oil has many nutrients that help in strengthening hair roots that ultimately prevent hair damage. It is also regarded as the best oil for keeping the hair black for a long period of time. Many experts prefer mustard oil over other commonly used oils. Excellent Moisturizer: Due to its thick nature, it does not evaporate quickly unlike other oils. This is the reason mustard oil is applied on cracked heels and dry skin. It retains the moisture of the skin for a long, hence it is regarded as an excellent moisturizer.Anti-fungal and anti-microbial properties: Mustard oil is used to massage the body before taking bath by many persons. Due to its anti-fungal and anti-microbial properties, it prevents one from several skin infections and ailments.Anti-carcinogenic: Researchers have found that mustard oil bears anti-carcinogenic properties. So, the usage of this oil during cooking is beneficial in long term. A compound called glucosinolate is found in mustard oil that is anti-carcinogenic in nature.Overall a healthy choice: If people say, refined oil or rice bran oil or any kind of vegetable oil is better for health. Then, their assumption might not stand as strong. Recent studies have revealed that foods prepared with mustard oil are healthy for cardiac health.Export of mustard oil: Countries like Bangladesh, Nepal, Ukraine, the US, UK and many more to add prefer Indian mustard oil. The double-filtered mustard oil is considered the best form of mustard oil. In India, Double Filtered Mustard Oil Tin is in high demand too. With a rat race among the close competitors of mustard oil, seems that there is no clear and acclaimed winner. But the indigenous and most sought-after edible oil will always retain its position in Indian kitchens. Today, many suppliers across India market good quality mustard oil. The Double Filtered Mustard Oil Tin are regarded are best for domestic use. Grab your share today to present your kitchen with an evergreen product having uncountable advantages!   Interested! Contact NOW! 4 Amazing Ways To Include Mustard Oil In Your Everyday Life http://www.kamvanindustries.co.in/blog/4-amazing-ways-to-include-mustard-oil-in-your-everyday-life_12378.htm Sat, 19 Feb 2022 12:23:52 +0530 An Indian Kitchen is incomplete without the mention of Mustard oil. Oil has been a part of our everyday life for ages and offers tons of health benefits too. This pungent oil is used in varying cuisines and recipes all across the world for the preparation of salads, main courses, seafood, etc. The unique flavour of the mustard oil is appreciated by many people and often consumed on daily basis. Apart from the culinary uses mustard oil is also used as hair oil, body massage, face massage, etc. The oil is known to offer exceptional skin and hair benefits. Listed below are a few ways to include mustard oil in your everyday life. Salad OilSalads are rising in popularity with people focusing on healthy lifestyles post-pandemic. Consuming plant-based products is on an all-time high as people are staying away from eating fatty and fried foods to ensure a healthy body and mind. Mustard oil is amongst the healthiest oil and is a perfect replacement for other salad oils like olive oil, etc. You can add mustard oil as per the quantity of the salad that you are preparing. The oil adds a distinctive flavour to the salad and makes it a standout dish. Pickle PreservativePickles are an integral part of any Indian household and are much enjoyed by people of all ages. Mustard oil is most often used as a pickle preservative owing to its antimicrobial properties. Mustard oil is used as preservative oil in making an array of pickles from mixed pickles, mango pickles, carrots chilli pickles, etc. You can buy a 15 Litre Kacchi Gani Mustard Oil Tin from the market to make tons of mouth-watering pickles that can last you year long. Body Massage OilAlmost all Indians are familiar that mustard oil is used as body massage oil from a young age. The oil offers amazing benefits as a body massage oil as it is warm oil ideal for cold winter month body massage. Promotes Healthy Skin And HairAdding mustard oil to your homemade face pack aids in taking care of dry chapped skin. You can add mustard oil in different face packs depending on your skin type as it acts as a natural cleaner that helps to remove makeup and clogged pores.Mustard oil is also known to reduce several hair problems thereby providing you with soft and healthy hair. It acts as a natural conditioner and nourisher by strengthening your hair follicles. It also prevents dandruff and helps keep your scalp clean promoting the healthy growth of your hair from roots. The above-discussed tips are only among the few ways to add mustard oil to your everyday life. You can readily find mustard oil of a variety of different brands at varying prices in the market space online and offline. 15 Litre Kacchi Gani Mustard Oil Tin is a great addition to your kitchen that can be used for preparing tons of sumptuous local cuisines and seasoning.Visit our Website The Top Benefits of Using Biomass Briquettes http://www.kamvanindustries.co.in/blog/the-top-benefits-of-using-biomass-briquettes_12921.htm Wed, 18 May 2022 18:17:32 +0530 With the increasing rates of pollution and global warming, the utilisation of more eco-friendly fuel alternatives became extremely necessary. When it comes to the matter of selecting a more eco-friendly option of fuel, nothing can be more fruitful than biomass briquettes. Biomass briquettes can be an extraordinary solution for supplanting the fossil fuels like coal, diesel, petrol, CNG and lignite.   The utilisation of Biomass briquettes is becoming deliberately famous due to its noteworthy capabilities of generating less pollution while being used in pellet machines and thermal plants. With the notable uprise of pollution threats, every industry should use these biomass briquettes for saving our mother nature from being deteriorated. The utilisation of these biomass briquettes have innumerable advantages but before that let’s talk about the primary idea of biomass briquettes.   What are Biomass Briquettes?  Also recognised as white coal, biomass briquettes are non-polluting and biodegradable sources of energy that are utilised in the replacement of classic fuels like coal, gas and petroleum oils. Biomass briquettes are considered a more convenient, an economical and eco-friendly option of energy in comparison with the traditional sources of energy because of their renewable nature.    Biomass briquettes generally have bulk consistency and high specific consistency when compared to loose biomass. Being one of the non-conventional sources of energy, biomass briquettes are getting famous day by day for their extraordinary benefits. Below are some of the most considerable benefits of biomass briquettes that can surely make you astonished.   Benefits of Biomass Briquettes As we discussed earlier biomass briquettes are extremely beneficial when it’s the topic of producing less pollution. Below are some of the points that can perfectly describe the effectiveness of these biomass briquettes.   Less Pollution When we are discussing the merits of biomass briquettes, how can we not mention the most prominent beneficial feature of biomass briquettes which is none other than their incredible ability to produce less pollution? Briquettes are a remarkable fuel option that is globally recognised because they generate less pollution while burning. Not only do they produce less pollution but they also are more sterile than traditional fuels like coal.   The main reason behind the extraordinary capabilities of biomass briquettes in producing less pollution is none other than the absence of sulphur in them. This is why biomass briquettes produce less pollution while burning. biomass briquettes are also famous for producing less dust pollution in comparison to loose biomass.   More Economical The next advantageous feature of biomass briquettes is they are more inexpensive rather than conventional fuels like coal. Made with biodegradable wastes, biomass briquettes are available at a very cheap rate. Most biomass briquette suppliers in India offer these biomass briquettes at a very reasonable rate.   No Waste Most conventional fuels like coal or related products often produce ash and dust after being burned completely. But when you’re using biomass briquettes, there is no chance of any waste products.    Uniform Burning The next efficient feature of biomass briquettes is their burning procedure. When compared to the other traditional sources of fuels like coal, biomass briquettes burn in a uniform method because they are more volatile.   Renewable Source of Energy biomass briquettes are made with biodegradable waste. This is why there is no chance of any shortage. They can be easily renewable and can be made continuously as per demands. Being one of the best renewable sources of energy, biomass briquettes are getting popular in various industries.   Nature-friendly The most important aspect of biomass briquettes is their nature-friendly properties. Due to the incredible capacity for producing less pollution, biomass briquettes are completely harmless to nature. You can get these biomass briquettes at any reputable biomass briquettes suppliers in Rajasthan. Mustard Seed Oil Cake - Used in Cattle Feed and Poultry Feeds http://www.kamvanindustries.co.in/blog/mustard-seed-oil-cake-used-in-cattle-feed-and-poultry-feeds_12966.htm Fri, 27 May 2022 11:06:16 +0530 Mustard Seed Oil Cake is an essential part of farming. It is used to feed the animals and plantations as it is rich in protein. All you need to contact good manufacture for the best quality product.    The mustard cake is known as the leftover residue after the creation of oil or meal from mustard seed. In the villages, we commonly called it 'sarso khal'. The cake the residue or by-product was taken from the oil extraction is known to boost proportionately. It is a rich source of protein but possesses some of the best anti-nutritional factors at the same time. There are lots of research papers are offered on the mustard oil comprised the cake usage through agriculture, animal livestock, and as a proteinaceous store for human usage.    Where the mustard oil cake can be used? Commonly, the mustard cake is used as a fertilizer for vegetable and flowering plants. The fertilizer is rather rich in protein. It gives several micronutrients to the plants. It even avoids many diseases and turns the plants of the garden plants quite strong.    What is available in a mustard cake? It was found that necessary amino acids isoleucine, threonine, lysine, methionine, and tryptophan and nonessential amino acids arginine and tyrosine are also available in greater attention in black mustard cake protein whereas other amino acids were higher in yellow mustard cake protein.   Helpful for Animals The presence of a protein that is more than 40% makes it helpful for buffaloes and cows. It is considered a cheap source of fat supplement for dairy cows and buffaloes. It gives a positive effect on the milk composition of the animals. Mustard Oil Cake Manufacturers in India understand its importance and provide the best quality product in the market.    Helpful for plants 100% Organic Mustard Oil Cake powder is taken after extracting the Mustard oil from the Mustard seeds kernel. Mustard Oil cakes give all the important elements for the growth of the plans which include phosphorous, nitrogen, and potassium. 100% natural liquid fertilizer and manure can be created from the cakes by getting soaked in the water for the next 24 hours and then adding that soil into the water. Organic fertilizer and manure are secure options for the family, environment, and pets.   Available in different package options According to your needs, you can make a selection of the product. As far as packing is considered, you can choose 10 kg, 20kg, and 50kg. Moreover, you can also look for personalized packaging options. Mustard Seed Oil Cake Supplier offers the top quality Mustard Oil Cake that is rich in nutrients and has a natural color and texture that is a feature of its superior quality. The product is high in demand in areas like villages where farming is the top mode of occupation.   You can place your order online and get the delivery according to your requirements.  But a good quality is essential to buy. Kachi Ghani Mustard Oil - Healthy Choice for a Healthy Body http://www.kamvanindustries.co.in/blog/kachi-ghani-mustard-oil-healthy-choice-for-a-healthy-body_13390.htm Sat, 03 Sep 2022 10:20:33 +0530 Kachi Ghani Mustard Oil in Rajasthan is a healthy choice for people who wish to consume something fresh and hygienic. Oil is considered one of the most essential ingredients in the process of cooking. Different choice of oils is available in the market nowadays. Selecting the right kind of cooking oil holds vital significance as it directly affects our fitness. Kachi Ghani Mustard Oil is conventionally extracted from the first press of mustard seeds, available with a high pungency level and strong smell. In a pure sense, our cooking oil retains its natural properties and mustard oil advantages. Its strong pungency and aroma will liven up your cooking. Mustard oil is called Kachi Ghani oil in Hindi and implies means the cold-pressed process of extracting oil from the mustard seeds. The seeds are dense at a low temperature so that the natural factors are preserved in the oil. Features Kachi Ghani Mustard Oil in Rajasthan is reddish and brown amber-colored oil. It possesses a small amount of saturated fat with an unbiased ratio of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. Ultimately, it makes the oil more cooperative and preferable in assessment to the other oils present in the market. The oil has a commanding smell and sharp flavor with the attendance of allyl isothiocyanate which is obscured by great mustard seeds. Organic mustard oil is the correct manure as it is excellent for stimulating the sweat glands, hence, improvising the blood movement in the complete body. It helps decrease the body temperature and toxins removal from the body. The rise of blood circulation revives the overburdened and stressed power all along. •    Mustard oil is considered the finest stimulant to use in food as it develops digestive juices and expels waste from the body. It is best for the positive digestion of food. •    The existence of phytonutrients available in the oil works as a great antibiotic. •    In the earlier times, it was used for making pickles and chutneys as it contains vitamin E preservatives. •    It is wonderful frying oil with tolerance to high temperatures. •    The oil is cost-effective in price as the seeds are grown and offered in different states of India. Get Smooth Skin and Healthy HairMustard oil possesses a good amount of vitamin B complex, vitamin A, vitamin E, calcium, omega 3 fatty acids, and protein. All the ingredients can lower wrinkles or pimples and remove tanning on the skin. It is even suitable for cracked lips as well. As it is an anti-bacterial, it stops the development of acne and lets the skin crystal clear.If you wish to buy the best mustard oil, you can look for manufacturer and supplier deals in Kachi Ghani Mustard Oil in Rajasthan. It hikes the rate of metabolism due to the activities of thiamin, folates, and riboflavin. It assists in losing weight from the body and attaining good shape. You should place your order with a reliable and trustworthy manufacturer and supplier.